We can stop trump

If we’re united, we can reclaim the American Dream for working people across the country. We’re fighting for a fairer, healthier economy that works for all Americans—not just the wealthy.

Fight for $15

Fight for $15 and ensure every employee has the freedom to join together in a union, so people who work for a living earn a living— with time for a life.

Ensure Access to Quality affordable childcare

Ensure access to quality, affordable child care for our kids and working moms and dads.

Providing Clean Air and Water

Ensure all Americans have clean air and water and protect our climate by cracking down on corporate polluters and transitioning to clean energy.

Fight for Racial Justice

Fight for racial justice. It’s time to confront racism, fix our broken criminal justice system, “ban the box,” and end shameful voter suppression.

Ensure access to quality affordable longterm care

Ensure access to quality affordable longterm care for our parents, grandparents and people with disabilities.

Pass Commonsense Immigration Reform

Pass commonsense immigration reform. Keep families together and give millions of workers who do tough jobs the opportunity to move out of the shadows and become citizens.

We have to stand up to Donald Trump's Dangerous Agenda for America

Trump said that wages are too high and that a low minimum wage “is not a bad thing for this country.” [1]
Trump called Mexicans “criminals and rapists” and wants to ban Muslims from entering the country, which is unconstitutional. [2]
Trump refused to immediately reject the endorsement of a former Ku Klux Klan leader and has the support of white supremacist groups. [3]
Trump claims to be a successful businessman, but in reality, he filed for bankruptcy four times and has a history of not paying his workers. [4]
Trump would give corporate polluters free rein to poison our air and water and damage our climate. [5]